Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lucas Davenport is at it again...

For all you John Sandford fans, Lucas is BACK!!  Buried Prey just released today is Sandford's 21st in the Davenport series. 

For those unfamiliar with Sandford, he was once a writer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and his first "Prey" book was released in 1989 called, Rules of Prey.  If you haven't read any of the "Prey" books although it's not necessarily 'required' to start with Rules, it sure helps.

History creeps back into Davenport's life as  on the outskirts of Minneapolis the discovery of two bodies, takes him back all the way to 1985 when as a young detective a crime went unsolved. With this new evidence, can Davenport finally discover the truth of  a case that was closed for over two decades?

Sandford has written over 30 books, with characters such as Davenport and Virgil Flowers, who he introduced us to in Dark of the Moon. Flowers is solving crimes again in Shockwave, due to be out in September/October.  You can pre-order it here on this website.

This "Prey" series and Sandford's books rank at the top of my list of favorites. Perhaps it's because they're based in Minnesota, making the reader transform themselves and feel like their part of the book, riding along  with Davenport or Flowers to places and streets that are all too familiar ( and some not so familiar)  as they solve one crime after the other.

Mr. Sandford won't be doing any formal book tours for Buried Prey, however, it's understood that a book tour is in the works for the release of Shockwave in September/October.

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