Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Father's Day: Cary Grant and daughter Jennifer...

Browsing through Barnes and Noble as I do every Tuesday ( Tuesday is when most new books are released to the general public), they had on display a multitude of books that would make great Father's Day gifts.

In anticipation of my visit, I surf BN's website to see what is new for that week. Actually I surf their website at least once or twice a day.  During my literature browsing, I happened up on Jennifer Grant's memoir, Good Stuff, A Reminiscence of My Father Cary Grant. Ever the one to enjoy reading about people, famous or not so famous, I thought her book might be an interesting read.

As I traipsed through the store, I grabbed  several books that were sure to be included in my library when I came across Ms. Grant's book at the Father's Day display. With my arms full of reading pleasures,  I debated on whether to purchase this one and save it for another trip.

Then I read the first page and was hooked...a wonderful exchange between father and daughter when Ms. Grant  was a mere two years of age.

The year was 1968, toddler Jennifer wishes to "read" a weekly news magazine while Mr. Grant reads a book in a feeble attempt to put Jennifer to sleep:

"JG:  Bend it.
CG: What, darling?
JG: Bend the book.
CG: One must always be careful with books and treasure them.
JG: I love you.( she blurts out) Will you hold my hand..( and then )..Always be careful with books. Always be careful with books"

For a lover of books such as I, this exchange brought a smile to my face and I had to buy it!  It'd make a great father's day gift from any daughter or perhaps a great gift for any occasion.

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