Books that I've read...

Here's a list of books that I've read over the years.( alphabetized for your convenience) 

If you see a book or an author and have any questions, you can always Google it, but what fun would that be? Just write me or comment!  Happy Reading!

Aaron, Henry Aaron
Adler, Bill(Edited by) The Uncommon Wisdom
of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Albom, Mitch For One More Day
Albom, Mitch The Five People You
Meet In Heaven
Albom, Mitch The Time Keeper
Albom, Mitch Tuesday's With Morrie
Alexander, Larry Biggest Brother, The life of
Major Dick Winters
Alley, Robert The Last Tango in Paris
Ambrose, Stephen Band of Brothers
Ambrose, Stephen Comrades
Ambrose, Stephen D-Day
Ambrose, Stephen Nixon, The Education of
a Politician 1913-1962
Ambrose, Stephen The Mississippi and the
Making of a Nation
Ambrose, Stephen The Wild Blue
Ambrose, Stephen To America, Personal Reflections
of an Historian
Anderson , Jack The Anderson Papers
Angle, Paul Bloody Williamson
Anson, Jay The Amityville Horror
Archer, Jeffery False Impression
Archer, Jeffery First Among Equals
Archer, Jeffery Kane & Abel
Archer, Jeffery Only Time Will Tell
Archer, Jeffery The Fourth Estate
Archer, Jeffery The Prodigal Daughter
Archer, Jeffery The Sins of The Father
Armstrong, Nancy The Rockefeller Center
Christmas Tree
Auerbach, Red On & Off The Court
Auerbach, Red & Feinstein, John Let Me Tell You A Story
Baksi, Kurdo Stieg Larrson: our days in
Baldacci, David Absolute Power
Baldacci, David Hour Game
Baldacci, David Last Man Standing
Baldacci, David Saving Faith
Baldacci, David Split Second
Baldacci, David Stone Cold
Baldacci, David The Camel Club
Baldacci, David The Christmas Train
Baldacci, David The Collectors
Baldacci, David The Simple Truth
Baldacci, David The Winner
Baldacci, David Total Control
Baldacci, David Wish You Well
Ballard, Chris One Shot at Forever
Barr, Nevada Track of the Cat
Bart, Dr. Benjamin The History of  Farting
Bartiromo, Maria The Weekend that Changed
 Wall Street
Bascomb, Neal The Perfect Mile
Bennett, Tony The Good Life
Bercuson, David and Holger Herwig One Christmas in Washington
Bilton, Michael and Kevin Sim Four Hours in My Lai
Bird, Larry Bird Watching
Bird, Larry Drive
Black, Lewis Nothing's Sacred
Bodsworth, Fred The Sparrow's Fall
Boeslager, Philipp von Freiherr Valkyrie
Bouton, Jim Ball Four Plus Ball Five
Box, C.J. Blood Trail
Box, C.J. Free Fire
Box, C.J. In Plain Sight
Box, C.J. Open Season
Box, C.J. Out of Range
Box, C.J. Savage Run
Box, C.J. Trophy Hunt
Box, C.J. Winterkill
Boyd, Pattie Wonderful Tonight
Bradbury, Ray Farenheit 451
Bradbury, Ray The Martian Chronicles
Bradlee Jr., Ben Guts & Glory
Bradlee, Ben A Good Life
Bradlee, Ben Conversations with Kennedy
Bradlee, Ben and Quinn Life's Work
Bradley, James Flags of Our Fathers
Bradley, James Flyboys
Bridges, Jeff and Bernie Glassman The Dude and The Zen Master
Brinkley, David Everyone Is Entitled to My Opinion
Brinkley, Douglas The Great Deluge
Brokaw, Tom A Long Way From Home
Brokaw, Tom Boom!
Bryan, C.D.B. Friendly Fire
Buffett, Jimmy Swine Not?
Burke, James Lee A Morning for Flamingos
Burke, James Lee A Stained White Radiance
Burke, James Lee Black Cherry Blues
Burke, James Lee Heaven's Prisoners
Burke, James Lee In the Electric Mist of Confederate Dead
Burke, James Lee The Neon Rain
Burnett, Carol This Time Together
Burns, George 100 years, 100 stories
Burpo, Todd Heaven is for Real
Burroughs, Augusten This is How
Burrows, Larry Vietnam
Bush, George W. Decision Points
Capote, Truman A Christmas Memory,
One Christmas & The Thanksgiving
Capote, Truman Breakfast at Tiffany's,
House of Flowers,
The Diamond Guitar
Carlson, Richard and Kristine Carlson An Hour to Live, an Hour to Love
Casey, Susan The Wave
Cash, John Carter Anchored in Love
Cash, Johnny Cash
Cather, Willa Death Comes For The Archbishop
Cather, Willa My Antonia
Cather, Willa O' Pioneers
Chabon, Michael Wonder Boys
Chandler, Raymond The Big Sleep
Child, Lee Killing Floor
Chong, Tommy The I Chong
Chopra, Deepak Creating Affluence
Chopra, Deepak Path To Love
Chopra, Deepak Soulmate
Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Christie, Agatha The Secret Adversary
Clancy, Tom Clear and Present Danger
Clancy, Tom Dead or Alive
Clancy, Tom Debt Of Honor
Clancy, Tom Executive Orders
Clancy, Tom Hawx
Clancy, Tom Net Forces
Clancy, Tom Net Forces: Breaking Point
Clancy, Tom Net Forces: Changing of the Guard
Clancy, Tom Net Forces: Cyber Nation
Clancy, Tom Net Forces: Hidden Agendas
Clancy, Tom Net Forces: Night Moves
Clancy, Tom Net Forces: Point of Impact
Clancy, Tom Net Forces: Springboard
Clancy, Tom Net Forces: State of War
Clancy, Tom Net Forces: The Archimedes Effect
Clancy, Tom Op Center
Clancy, Tom Op Center: Acts Of War
Clancy, Tom Op Center: Balance Of Power
Clancy, Tom Op Center: Call To Treason
Clancy, Tom Op Center: Divide & Conquer
Clancy, Tom Op Center: Games Of State
Clancy, Tom Op Center: Line Of Control
Clancy, Tom Op Center: Mirrors Image
Clancy, Tom Op Center: Misson of Honor
Clancy, Tom Op Center: Sea of Fire
Clancy, Tom Op Center: State Of Seige
Clancy, Tom Op Center: War of Eagles
Clancy, Tom Patriot Games
Clancy, Tom Power Plays: Bio-Strike
Clancy, Tom Power Plays: Cold War
Clancy, Tom Power Plays: Cutting Edge
Clancy, Tom Power Plays: Politika
Clancy, Tom Power Plays:
Clancy, Tom Power Plays: Shadow Watch
Clancy, Tom Power Plays: Wild Card
Clancy, Tom Power Plays: Zero Hour
Clancy, Tom Rainbow Six
Clancy, Tom Red Rabbit
Clancy, Tom Red Storm Rising
Clancy, Tom Teeth of the Tiger
Clancy, Tom The Bear and The Dragon
Clancy, Tom The Cardinal and The Kremlin
Clancy, Tom The Hunt For Red October
Clancy, Tom The Sum Of All Fears
Clancy, Tom Without Remorse
Clapton, Eric Clapton, The Autobiography
Clark, Carol Higgins Burned
Clark, Carol Higgins Decked
Clark, Carol Higgins Fleeced
Clark, Carol Higgins Hitched
Clark, Carol Higgins Iced
Clark, Carol Higgins Jinxed
Clark, Carol Higgins Popped
Clark, Carol Higgins Snagged
Clark, Carol Higgins Twanged
Clark, Mary Higgins All Through The Night
Clark, Mary Higgins Cry in the Night
Clark, Mary Higgins I Heard That Song Before
Clark, Mary Higgins Mount Vernon, A Love Story
Clark, Mary Higgins Nighttime is My Time
Clark, Mary Higgins No Place Like Home
Clark, Mary Higgins Pretend You Don't See Her
Clark, Mary Higgins Silent Night
Clark, Mary Higgins Stillwatch
Clark, Mary Higgins The Lost Years
Clark, Mary Higgins The Second Time Around
Clark, Mary Higgins Where Are You Now?
Clark, Mary Higgins and Carol Higgins Dashing Through The Snow
Clark, Mary Higgins and Carol Higgins Deck The Halls
Clark, Mary Higgins and Carol Higgins He Sees You When
You're Sleeping
Clark, Mary Higgins and Carol Higgins Santa  Cruise
Clark, Mary Higgins and Carol Higgins The Christmas Thief
Clarke, Breena River, Cross My Heart
Clarkson, Kenneth ( From Dr. Chong) West's Business Law
Cleland, Max Heart of a Patriot
Clements, Gerald The Cops Are Robbers
Coben, Harlan Back Spin
Coben, Harlan Caught
Coben, Harlan Deal Breaker
Coben, Harlan Drop Shot
Coben, Harlan Fade Away
Coben, Harlan Gone For Good
Coben, Harlan Hold Tight
Coben, Harlan Just One Look
Coben, Harlan One False Move
Coben, Harlan Six Years
Coben, Harlan Stay Close
Coben, Harlan The Innocent
Coben, Harlan The Woods
Colodny, Leo Silent Coup
Connally, Nellie From Love Field
Connelly, Michael Concrete Blonde
Connelly, Michael The Black Echo
Connelly, Michael The Black Ice
Connelly, Michael The Last Coyote
Connelly, Michael Trunk Music
Conrad, Joesph Heart Of Darkness
Conrad, Joesph Secret Sharer
Cornwell, Patricia All That Remains
Cornwell, Patricia At Risk
Cornwell, Patricia Black Notice
Cornwell, Patricia Blow Fly
Cornwell, Patricia Body Of Evidence
Cornwell, Patricia Book of the Dead
Cornwell, Patricia Cause of Death
Cornwell, Patricia Cruel & Unusual
Cornwell, Patricia From Potter's Field
Cornwell, Patricia Hornet's Nest
Cornwell, Patricia Isle of Dogs
Cornwell, Patricia Point Of Origin
Cornwell, Patricia Port Mortuary
Cornwell, Patricia Postmortem
Cornwell, Patricia Predator
Cornwell, Patricia Scarpetta
Cornwell, Patricia Scarpetta Factor
Cornwell, Patricia Scarpetta's Winter Table
Cornwell, Patricia Southern Cross
Cornwell, Patricia The Body Farm
Cornwell, Patricia The Front
Cornwell, Patricia The Last Precinct
Cornwell, Patricia Trace
Cornwell, Patricia Unnatural Exposure
Crane, Stephen The Red Badge of Courage
Crichton, Michael Rising Sun
Crichton, Michael Terminal Man
Crichton, Michael The Andromeda Strain
Croce, Ingrid Jim Croce-Time in a Bottle
Cronkite, Walter A Reporter's Life
Crosby, David Long Time Gone
Crystal, Billy 700 Sundays
Crystal, Billy Still Foolin' 'Em
Cussler, Cliver Iceberg
Cussler, Cliver The Mediterrean Caper
Daly, John Golf My Own Damn Way
Daly, John My Life In and Out of the Rough
Damone, Leo Senatorial Privilege
Deaver, Jeffery Bloody River Blues
Deaver, Jeffery Bodies Left Behind
Deaver, Jeffery Death of a Blue Movie Star
Deaver, Jeffery Hard News
Deaver, Jeffery Hell's Kitchen
Deaver, Jeffery Manhattan is My Beat
Deaver, Jeffery Mistress Of Justice
Deaver, Jeffery Roadside Crosses
Deaver, Jeffery Shallow Graves
Deaver, Jeffery Speaking in Tongues
Deaver, Jeffery The Bone Collector
Deaver, Jeffery The Broken Window
Deaver, Jeffery The Coffin Dancer
Deaver, Jeffery The Cold Moon
Deaver, Jeffery The Devil's Teardrop
Deaver, Jeffery The Empty Chair
Deaver, Jeffery The Sleeping Doll
Deaver, Jeffery The Stone Monkey
Deaver, Jeffery The Twelth Card
Deaver, Jeffery The Vanished Man
DeMille, Nelson By The Rivers of Babylon
DeMille, Nelson Cathedral
DeMille, Nelson The Talbot Odyssey
DeMille, Nelson and Thomas Block Mayday
DiCamillo, Kate Because of Winn Dixie
DiCamillo, Kate The Tiger Rising
Dickens, Charles A Christmas Carol
Doctorow, E. L. Billy Bathgate
Doctorow, E. L. Homer and Langley
Doctorow, E. L. Ragtime
Doctorow, E. L. The Waterworks
Donovan, Robert PT 109
Dorsett, Tony Running Tough
Dylan, Bob Chronicles Vol. I
Edelman, Bernard Dear America: Letters
Home From Vietnam
Edsel, Robert Monuments Men
Eisenhower, John S.D. General Ike
Ellis, Joseph American Creation
Enger, Leif Peace Like A River
Epstein, Brian A Cellarful of Noise
Erlichman, John Witness To Power
Ervin, Jr. Sam The Whole Truth:
The Watergate Conspiracy
Esquival, Laura Like Water For Chocolate
Evanovich, Janet Eleven on Top
Evanovich, Janet Explosive Eighteen
Evanovich, Janet Fearless Fourteen
Evanovich, Janet Finger Lickin Fifteen
Evanovich, Janet Four To Score
Evanovich, Janet Hard Eight
Evanovich, Janet High Five
Evanovich, Janet Hot Six ( additional UK copy SIGNED)
Evanovich, Janet Lean Mean Thirteen
Evanovich, Janet Metro Girl
Evanovich, Janet Naughty Neighbor
Evanovich, Janet One For The Money
Evanovich, Janet Plum Lovin'
Evanovich, Janet Seven Up
Evanovich, Janet Sizzlin' Sixteen
Evanovich, Janet Smokin' Seventeen
Evanovich, Janet Ten Big Ones
Evanovich, Janet Thanksgiving
Evanovich, Janet Three To Get Deadly
Evanovich, Janet To The Nines
Evanovich, Janet Troublemaker Book One
Evanovich, Janet Twelve Sharp
Evanovich, Janet Two For The Dough
Evanovich, Janet Visions of Sugar Plums
Evans, Richard Paul Finding Noel
Evans, Richard Paul Grace
Evans, Richard Paul Promise Me
Evans, Richard Paul The Christmas Box
Evans, Richard Paul The Christmas List
Evans, Richard Paul The Gift
Fadiman, Anne The Spirit Catches You
and You Fall Down
Fairstein, Linda Cold Hit
Fairstein, Linda Final Jeopardy
Fairstein, Linda Likely To Die
Fairstein, Linda The Dead House
Faulkner, William The Sound and The Fury
Fay, Paul The Pleasure of His Company
Felder, Don Heaven and Hell: My Life In The
Eagles 1974 - 2001
Finder, Joseph High Crimes
Finder, Joseph Killer Instinct
Finder, Joseph Paranoia
Finder, Joseph Power Play
Finder, Joseph Vanished
Fisher, Carrie Shockaholic
Fisher, Carrie Wishful Drinking
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby
Flagg, Fannie A Redbird Christmas
Flagg, Fannie Coming Attractions ( re-released
under Daisy Fay…)
Flagg, Fannie Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man
Fleming, Ian Octopussy
Fleming, Ian The Living Daylights
Flynn, Gillian Gone Girl
Flynn, Vince Act of Treason
Flynn, Vince American Assassin
Flynn, Vince Consent To Kill
Flynn, Vince Executive Power
Flynn, Vince Extreme Measures
Flynn, Vince Kill Shot
Flynn, Vince Memorial Day
Flynn, Vince Protect and Defend
Flynn, Vince Pursuit of Honor
Flynn, Vince Separation of Power
Flynn, Vince Term Limits
Flynn, Vince The Last Man
Flynn, Vince The Third Option
Flynn, Vince Transfer of Power
Follett, Ken A Dangerous Fortune
Follett, Ken A Place Called Freedom
Follett, Ken Code to Zero
Follett, Ken Eye Of The Needle
Follett, Ken Hornet Flight
Follett, Ken Jackdaws
Follett, Ken Lie Down With Lions
Follett, Ken Night Over Water
Follett, Ken On Wings Of Eagles
Follett, Ken Paper Money
Follett, Ken The Big Needle
Follett, Ken The Hammer of Eden
Follett, Ken The Key To Rebecca
Follett, Ken The Man From St. Petersburg
Follett, Ken The Moligoliani Scandal
Follett, Ken The Pillars of The Earth
Follett, Ken The Third Twin
Follett, Ken Triple
Follett, Ken Whiteout
Foote, Shelby The Civil War - A Narrative, Vol I :
Secession to Fort Henry
Foxworthy, Jeff  How To Really Stink at Golf
Franken, Al Oh, The Things I Know
Franken, Al Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot
Franzen, Jonathan Freedom - SIGNED
Friedman, Kinky Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned
Friedman, Kinky The Mile High Club
Gabrielsson, Eva There are Things I want you to Know
 about Stieg Larsson and Me
Gaines, Steven Heroes & Villians
Gardiner, Meg Ransom River
Gardner, Gerald The Watergate Follies
Garment, Leonard In Search OF Deep Throat
Gladwell, Malcolm The Tipping Point
Goldman, Peter Charlie Co.: What Vietnam Did To Us
Goodwin, Doris Kearns No Ordinary Time
Grafton, Sue A is for Alibi
Grafton, Sue B is for Burglar
Grant, Jennifer Good Stuff: Reminisences of
my Father Cary Grant
Grant, Marshall I Was There When It Happened -
My Life with Johnny Cash
Green, Tim Above the Law
Green, Tim Kingdom Come
Green, Tim The First 48
Green, Tim The Letter of The Law
Greene, Bob American Beat
Greene, Bob Be True To Your School
Greene, Bob Cheeseburgers
Greene, Bob Duty
Greene, Bob Fraternity
Greene, Bob He Was A Midwestern Boy On His Own
Greene, Bob Homecoming
Greene, Bob Once Upon A Town
Grisham, John A Painted House
Grisham, John A Time to Kill
Grisham, John Bleachers
Grisham, John Calico Joe - SIGNED
Grisham, John Playing For Pizza
Grisham, John Skipping Christmas
Grisham, John The Appeal
Grisham, John The Associate
Grisham, John The Brethren
Grisham, John The Broker
Grisham, John The Chamber
Grisham, John The Client
Grisham, John The Confession
Grisham, John The Firm
Grisham, John The King of Torts
Grisham, John The Last Juror
Grisham, John The Partner
Grisham, John The Pelican Brief
Grisham, John The Racketeer
Grisham, John The Rainmaker
Grisham, John The Runaway Jury
Grisham, John The Street Lawyer
Grisham, John The Summons
Grisham, John The Testament
Grisham, John Theodore Boone
Grodin, Charles If I Only Knew Then…Learning
from Our Mistakes
Gross, Andrew Don't Look Twice
Gross, Andrew Reckless
Gross, Andrew The Blue Zone
Gross, Andrew The Dark Tide
Guest, Judith Ordinary People
Guest, Judith Second Heaven
Guralnick, Peter Last Train To Memphis, SIGNED
Hackworth, Col. David Steel My Soldiers' Hearts
Haggard, Merle My House of Memories
Haissen, Carl The Downhill Lie
Halberstam, David Firehouse
Halberstam, David Teammates
Halberstam, David The Children
Halpern, Justin Shit My Dad Says
Hansen, James First Man, the Life of Neil A. Armstrong
Hartmann, Thom What Would Jefferson Do
Hassler, Jon A Green Journey
Hassler, Jon Grand Opening
Hassler, Jon Simon's Night
Hassler, Jon Staggerford
Hassler, Jon The Love Hunter
Helget, Nicole The Turtle Catcher
Hemingway, Ernest A Moveable Feast
Hemingway, Ernest A Sun Also Rises
Hemingway, Ernest Across the River and into the Trees
Hemingway, Ernest In Our Time
Hemingway, Ernest Old Man At The Bridge - Complete
Short Stories
Hemingway, Ernest Snows of Kilamenjaro - Complete
Short Stories
Hemingway, Ernest The Dangerous Summer
Hemingway, Ernest The Old Man  and The Sea
Hemingway, Ernest The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
- Complete Short Stories
Hemingway, Ernest To Have And Have Not
Hemingway, Ernest Up in Michigan - Complete Short Stories
Hemingway, Gregory Papa, a Personal Memoir
Hemingway, Hilary & Lindsay, Jeffry Hunting With Hemingway
Henderson, Thomas Out Of Control
Higgins, Jack A Darker Place
Higgins, Jack A Fine Night For Dying
Higgins, Jack A Prayer For Dying
Higgins, Jack A Season in Hell
Higgins, Jack Angel Of Death
Higgins, Jack Bad Company
Higgins, Jack Brought in Dead
Higgins, Jack Cold Harbour
Higgins, Jack Confessional
Higgins, Jack Dark Justice
Higgins, Jack Day Of Judgement
Higgins, Jack Day Of Reckoning
Higgins, Jack Drink With The Devil
Higgins, Jack Edge Of Danger - SIGNED
Higgins, Jack Exocet
Higgins, Jack Eye Of The Storm
Higgins, Jack Flight of Eagles
Higgins, Jack Hell Is Always Today
Higgins, Jack Hell Is Too Crowded
Higgins, Jack In The Hour Before Midnight
Higgins, Jack Last Place God Made
Higgins, Jack Luciano's Luck
Higgins, Jack Memoirs Of A Dance Hall Romeo
Higgins, Jack Midnight Runner
Higgins, Jack Night Judgement in Sinos
Higgins, Jack Night Of The Fox
Higgins, Jack On Dangerous Ground
Higgins, Jack Passage By Night
Higgins, Jack Rough Justice
Higgins, Jack Sheba
Higgins, Jack Solo
Higgins, Jack Storm Warning
Higgins, Jack The Bormann Testament
Higgins, Jack The Eagle Has Flown
Higgins, Jack The Eagles Has Landed
Higgins, Jack The Graveyard Shift
Higgins, Jack The Judas Gate
Higgins, Jack The Keys of Hell
Higgins, Jack The Killing Ground
Higgins, Jack The President's Daughter
Higgins, Jack The Savage Day
Higgins, Jack The Whitehouse Connection
Higgins, Jack The Wolf at the Door
Higgins, Jack The Wrath of God
Higgins, Jack Thunderpoint
Higgins, Jack Toll For The Brave
Higgins, Jack Touch The Devil
Higgins, Jack Without Mercy
Higgins, Jack Year Of The Tiger
Higgins, Jack ( James Graham) A Game for Heroes
Higgins, Jack( James Graham) The Run To Morning
Higgins, Jack(Harry Patterson) Dillinger
Higgins, Jack(Harry Patterson) To Catch A King
Higgins, Jack(Harry Patterson) Vahalla Exchange
Hillenbrand, Laura Unbroken
Hingson, Michael Thunder Dog
Hooker, Richard MASH
Hornby, Nick About a Boy
Hornby, Nick Juliet, Naked
Horowitz, Alexandra Inside of a Dog
Hosseini, Khalid The Kite Runner
Hotchner, A.E. Blown Away
Hotchner, A.E. Papa Hemingway
Hotchner, A.E. Paul and Me
Hulan, Leah Pain Behind The Smile
Iaccoca, Lee Iaccoca
Iaccoca, Lee Talking Straight
Iles, Greg Mortal Fear
Irving, John A Prayer For Owen Meany
Irving, John A Widow For One Year
Irving, John Cider House Rules
Irving, John The Fourth Hand
Irving, John The Watermethod Man
Irving, John The World According To Garp
Isaacson, Walter Benjamin Franklin
Isaacson, Walter Steve Jobs
Jakes, John Savannah or a Gift for Mr. Lincoln
James, EL  Fifty Shades of Grey
Johansen, Iris Body of Lies
Johansen, Iris The Face of Deception
Johansen, Iris The Killing Game
Johansen, Iris The Search
Johnson, Spencer M.D Peaks and Valleys
Johnson, Spencer M.D The Present
Johnson, Spencer M.D Who Moved My Cheese?
Kaplan, Marcia and David Laughs
Kennedy Toole, Jack A Confederacy of Dunces
Kennedy, John F. Profiles In Courage
Kennedy, John F. The Uncommon Wisdom of JFK
Kennedy, Maxwell Taylor Make Gentle The Life of This World
Kennedy, Robert Robert Kennedy In Is Own Words
Kennedy, Robert Thirteen Days
Kerouac, Jack On The Road
Kershaw, Alex The Bedford Boys
Kershaw, Alex The Longest Winter
Kesey, Ken One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Kinder, Melvyn Going Nowhere Fast
King, Stephen Salem's Lot
Klara, Robert FDR's Funeral Train
Klugman, Jack Tony and Me
Kosinski, Jerzy Being There
Kovic, Ron Born On The Fourth Of July
Krogh, Egil "Bud" Integrity
Krueger, William Kent Blood Hollow
Krueger, William Kent Boundary Waters
Krueger, William Kent Iron Lake
Krueger, William Kent Purgatory Ridge
Kundera, Milan The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Kutler, Stanley Abuse of Power
Lamb, Wally Wishin' and Hoppin' - A Christmas Story
Lansing, Alfred Shackleton's Incredible Voyage
Larrson, Steig The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest
Larrson, Steig The Girl who Played with Fire
Larrson, Steig The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird
Lemmon, Chris A Twist of Lemmon
Lennon, John Skywriting by Word of Mouth;
The Ballad of John and Yoko
Letts, Billie Shoot The Moon
Letts, Billie The Honk and Holler Opening Soon
Letts, Billie Where The Heart Is
Levin, Ira The Boys From Brazil
Levin, Ira The Stepford Wives
Levin, Mark Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story
of Joy and Anguish
Lewis, Jerry Dean and Me
Leyner, Mark and Billy Goldberg Why Do Men Have Nipples?
Liddy, G. Gordon Will
Lifton, David Best Evidence
Lockwood, Brockton Operation Greylord
Logan, Chuck Hunter's Moon
Mansfield, Brian Remembering Patsy
Mansfield, Brian Ring of Fire: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
Maraniss, David They Marched Into Sunlight
Margolin, Phillip Sleeping Beauty
Martin, Steve Shopgirl
May, Peter The Last Banner
McCormack, Mark What They Don't Teach You At
Harvard Business School
McCormick, Maureen Here's The Story - SIGNED
McCourt, Frank Angela and the Baby Jesus
McCourt, Frank Angela's Ashes
McCullough, David 1776
McCullough, David In The Dark Streets Shineth
McDougal, Dennis Five Easy Decades
McLintick, David Indecent Exposure
McMahon, Ed Here's Johnny
McMurtry, Larry Anything For Billy
McMurtry, Larry Books - a Memoir
McMurtry, Larry Buffalo Girls
McMurtry, Larry By Sorrow's River
McMurtry, Larry Crazy Horse
McMurtry, Larry Dead Man's Walk
McMurtry, Larry Folly and Glory
McMurtry, Larry Hollywood
McMurtry, Larry Literary Life, a second memoir
McMurtry, Larry Lonesome Dove
McMurtry, Larry Loop Group
McMurtry, Larry Paradise
McMurtry, Larry Roads
McMurtry, Larry Sin Killer
McMurtry, Larry Some Can Whistle
McMurtry, Larry Somebody's Darling
McMurtry, Larry Streets Of Laredo
McMurtry, Larry Telegraph Days
McMurtry, Larry Texasville
McMurtry, Larry The Colonel and Little Missie
McMurtry, Larry The Desert Rose
McMurtry, Larry The Last Picture Show
McMurtry, Larry The Wandering Hill
McMurtry, Larry Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen
McPherson, James Battle Cry Of Freedom
McPherson, James Hallow Ground
McPherson, James What They Fought For
Meili, Trisha I am The Central Park Jogger
Metzler, Brad Heroes for My Daughter
Michener, James The Bridges at Toko-ri
Mitchell, Margaret Gone With The Wind
Monsour, Theresa Clean Cut
Monsour, Theresa Cold Blood
Monsour, Theresa Dark House
Montville, Leigh The Mysterious Montague
Moore, Harold  We We Soldiers Once...And Young
Moore, Robin The Green Berets
Morris, Jeannie Brian Piccolo : A Short Season
Morrison, Toni a Mercy
Morrison, Toni Song Of Solomon
Mueller, Tom Extravirginity
Murray, Bill Cinderella Story
Newman, Paul and A.E. Hotchner Shameless Exploitation
Nixon, Richard 1999
Nixon, Richard In The Arena
Nixon, Richard No More Vietnams
North, Oliver Under Fire
O' Brien, Tim Going After Cacciato
Oates, Stephen With Malice Toward None
O'Brien, Tim The Things They Carried
O'Kelly, Eugene Chasing Daylight
O'Neill, Terry, Robin Morgan Sinatra: Frank and Friendly
Owen, Mark and Kevin Maurer No Easy Day; The Assassination of
Osama Bin Laden
Paine, Wingate Mirror of Venus; text by Federico Fellini
Parker, Robert Brimstone
Parker, Robert B. A Catskill Eagle
Parker, Robert B. Appaloosa
Parker, Robert B. Back Story
Parker, Robert B. Bad Business
Parker, Robert B. Ceremony
Parker, Robert B. Chance
Parker, Robert B. Chasing the Bear
Parker, Robert B. Cold Service
Parker, Robert B. Crimson Joy
Parker, Robert B. Death in Paradise
Parker, Robert B. Double Duece
Parker, Robert B. Early Autumn
Parker, Robert B. Edenville Owls
Parker, Robert B. Family Honor
Parker, Robert B. God Save The Child
Parker, Robert B. High Profile
Parker, Robert B. Hugger Mugger
Parker, Robert B. Hundred Dollar Baby
Parker, Robert B. Hush Money
Parker, Robert B. Looking for Rachel Wallace
Parker, Robert B. Mortal Stakes
Parker, Robert B. Night and Day
Parker, Robert B. Night Passage
Parker, Robert B. Now & Then
Parker, Robert B. Painted Ladies
Parker, Robert B. Pale Kings and Princes
Parker, Robert B. Paper Doll
Parker, Robert B. Pasttime
Parker, Robert B. Perish Twice
Parker, Robert B. Playmates
Parker, Robert B. Potshot
Parker, Robert B. Promised Land
Parker, Robert B. Resolution
Parker, Robert B. Rough Weather
Parker, Robert B. School Days
Parker, Robert B. Sea Change
Parker, Robert B. Shrink Rap
Parker, Robert B. Sixkill
Parker, Robert B. Small Vices
Parker, Robert B. Snapshot
Parker, Robert B. Split Image
Parker, Robert B. Stone Cold
Parker, Robert B. Stranger in Paradise
Parker, Robert B. Sudden Mischief
Parker, Robert B. Taming a Sea-Horse
Parker, Robert B. The Boxer and The Spy
Parker, Robert B. The Godwulf Manuscript
Parker, Robert B. The Judas Goat
Parker, Robert B. The Professional
Parker, Robert B. The Savage Place
Parker, Robert B. The Widening Gyre
Parker, Robert B. Thin Air
Parker, Robert B. Trouble in Paradise
Parker, Robert B. Valediction
Parker, Robert B. Walking Shadows
Parker, Robert B. Widow's Walk
Parker, Robert B./Michael Brandman Fool Me Twice
Parker, Robert B./Michael Brandman Killing the Blues
Patterson James The Postcard Killers
Patterson, James 10th Anniversary
Patterson, James 1st To Die
Patterson, James 2nd Chance
Patterson, James 3rd Degree
Patterson, James 4th of July
Patterson, James 5th Horseman
Patterson, James 6th Target
Patterson, James 7th Heaven
Patterson, James 8th Confession
Patterson, James 9th Judgment
Patterson, James Alex Cross's Trial
Patterson, James Along Came A Spider
Patterson, James Beach Road
Patterson, James Black Friday
Patterson, James Black Market(Orig Title of Black Friday)
Patterson, James Cat And Mouse
Patterson, James Cradle And All
Patterson, James Cross
Patterson, James Cross Country
Patterson, James Cross My Heart
Patterson, James Crossfire
Patterson, James Daniel X: Watch The Skies
Patterson, James Don't Blink
Patterson, James Double Cross
Patterson, James Four Blind Mice
Patterson, James Guilty Wives
Patterson, James Hide and Seek
Patterson, James Honeymoon
Patterson, James I, Alex Cross
Patterson, James I, Michael Bennett
Patterson, James Judge & Jury
Patterson, James Kill Alex Cross
Patterson, James Kill Me If You Can
Patterson, James Kiss The Girls
Patterson, James Lifeguard
Patterson, James London Bridges
Patterson, James Mary Mary
Patterson, James Max
Patterson, James Maximum Ride
Patterson, James Maximum Ride - Schools Out Forever
Patterson, James Maximum Ride: Saving the World
and other Extreme Sports
Patterson, James Maximum Ride: The Final Warning
Patterson, James Merry Christmas Alex Cross
Patterson, James Merry Christmas Alex Cross
Patterson, James Miracle on the 17th Green
Patterson, James Now You See Her
Patterson, James Pop Goes The Weasel
Patterson, James Private
Patterson, James Private #1 Suspect
Patterson, James Private Games
Patterson, James Roses Are Red
Patterson, James Run For Your Life
Patterson, James Sail
Patterson, James Sam's Letters to Jennifer
Patterson, James Season of the Machete
Patterson, James Second Honeymoon
Patterson, James See How They Run
Patterson, James Step On A Crack
Patterson, James Sundays at Tiffany's
Patterson, James Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
Patterson, James Swimsuit
Patterson, James The 11th Hour
Patterson, James The Beach House
Patterson, James The Big Bad Wolf
Patterson, James The Christmas Wedding
Patterson, James The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
Patterson, James The Jester
Patterson, James The Lake House
Patterson, James The Murder of King Tut
Patterson, James The Quickie
Patterson, James The Thomas Berryman Number
Patterson, James Tick Tock
Patterson, James Toys
Patterson, James Violets Are Blue
Patterson, James When The Wind Blows
Patterson, James Witch and Wizard
Patterson, James Worst Case
Patterson, James You've Been Warned
Patterson, James  Jack and Jill
Patterson, James & Mark Sullivan Private: Berlin
Patterson, James & Marshall Karp NYPD Red
Patterson, James and David Ellis Mistress
Patterson, James and Hal Friedman Against Medical Advice
Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro 12th of Never
Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro Confessions of a Murder Suspect
Patterson, James and Maxine Paetro Confessions: Private School Murders
Patterson, James and Michael Ledwidge Gone
Patterson, James and Michael Ledwidge Zoo
Patterson, Richard North Degree of Guilt
Patterson, Richard North Escape The Night
Patterson, Richard North The Lasko Tangent
Patterson, Richard North The Outside Man
Peck, Richard Something For Joey
Perry, Anne A Christmas Grace
Perry, Thomas The Butcher's Boy
Peterson, Tom In Search Of Excellence
Phillips, Michael The Gift of Valor
Pickens, T. Boone The First Billion is the Hardest
Presleys, The Elvis
Pringle, Henry Theodore Roosevelt
Puller, Lewis Fortunate Son
Puzo, Mario Omerta
Puzo, Mario The Fourth K
Puzo, Mario The Godfather
Quirk, John No Red Ribbons
Ray, John Larry and Lyndon Barsten Truth At Last
Reichs, Kathy Death Du Jour
Reichs, Kathy Deja Dead
Reitman, Janet Inside Scientology
Rice, Condoleeza Extraordinary Ordinary People
Richards, Tad Blazing Saddles
Rickles, Don Rickles' Book
Ronstadt, Linda Simple Dream, a Musical Memoir
Roosevelt, Eleanor This Troubled World
Rose, Pete Pete Rose: My Prison Without Bars
Rose, Pete Pete Rose: My Story
Roth, Philip Deception
Roth, Philip Everyman
Roth, Philip Indignation
Roth, Philip The Breast
Roth, Philip The Dying Animal
Roth, Philip The Dying Animal
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
Russell, Bill Red and Me
Russert, Tim Big Russ & Me
Salinger, J. D. The Catcher in the Rye
Sanders, Lawrence The Dream Lover
Sanders, Lawrence The Pleasures of Helen
Sandford, John Bad Blood
Sandford, John Broken Prey
Sandford, John Buried Prey
Sandford, John Certain Prey
Sandford, John Chosen Prey
Sandford, John Dark of the Moon
Sandford, John Dead Watch (Signed)
Sandford, John Easy Prey
Sandford, John Eyes of Prey
Sandford, John Heat Lightning
Sandford, John Hidden Prey
Sandford, John Invisible Prey
Sandford, John Mad River
Sandford, John Mind Prey
Sandford, John Mortal Prey
Sandford, John Naked Prey
Sandford, John Night Prey
Sandford, John Phantom Prey
Sandford, John Rough Country
Sandford, John Rules of Prey
Sandford, John Secret Prey
Sandford, John Shadow Prey
Sandford, John Shock Wave
Sandford, John Silent Prey
Sandford, John Silken Prey- SIGNED
Sandford, John Stolen Prey
Sandford, John Storm Front
Sandford, John Storm Prey
Sandford, John Sudden Prey
Sandford, John The Empress File
Sandford, John Weird Prey
Sandford, John Winter Prey
Sayers, Gale I Am Third
Scahill, Jeremy Blackwater: The Rise of the Worlds
Most Powerful Mercinary Army
Schiller, Lawrence Marilyn and Me
Schultz, Charles M. A Charlie Brown Christmas
Schultz, Charles M. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Schultz, Charles M. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Schwartz, Morrie Morrie: In His Own Words
Scottoline, Lisa Everywhere That Mary Went
Scottoline, Lisa Final Appeal
Sebold, Alice Lucky
Sebold, Alice The Almost Moon
Sebold, Alice The Lovely Bones
Sedaris, David Holidays on Ice
Segal, Erich Love Story
Segal, Erich Oliver's Story
Shaughnessy, David Evergreen
Shaughnessy, David Seeing Red
Sheehan, Neil A Bright Shining Lie
Sheldon, Sidney Morning, Noon & Night
Sheldon, Sidney Tell Me Your Dreams
Sheldon, Sidney The Best Laid Plans
Sheldon, Sidney The Naked Face
Sheldon, Sidney The Stars Shine Down
Shreve, Anita A Wedding In December
Shreve, Anita Rescue
Shreve, Anita Strange Fits of Passion
Shreve, Anita Testimony
Shreve, Anita Where or When
Shreve, Anita  All He Ever Wanted
Shreve, Anita  Body Surfing
Shreve, Anita  Eden Close
Shreve, Anita  Light on Snow
Shreve, Anita  The Last Time They Met
Shreve, Anita  The Pilot's Wife
Shreve, Anita  The Weight of Water
Simon, Rob Snore No More!
Skloot, Rebecca The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Sorenson, Theodore Decision-Making in the White House
Sparks, Nicholas A Bend in the Road
Sparks, Nicholas A Walk To Remember
Sparks, Nicholas At First Sight
Sparks, Nicholas Dear John
Sparks, Nicholas Message In A Bottle
Sparks, Nicholas Nights In Rodanthe
Sparks, Nicholas The Guardian
Sparks, Nicholas The Notebook
Sparks, Nicholas The Rescue
Sparks, Nicholas The Wedding
Sparks, Nicholas True Believer
Stacy, Pat Duke: A Love Story
Steinbeck, John Cannery Row
Steinbeck, John Grapes Of Wrath
Steinbeck, John OF Mice and Men
Steinbeck, John Tortilla Flat
Stockett, Kathryn The Help - SIGNED
Straub, Peter Koko
Streissguth, Michael Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison;
The Making of a Masterpiece
Sullivan, Tom If You Could See What I Hear
Switzer, Barry Bootlegger's Boy
Thayer, Steve Moon Over Lake Elmo
Thompson, Hunter S. ScrewJack
Thoreau, Henry David Civil Disobedience
Tomkies, Mike Duke
Trimble, Vance Sam Walton
Truman, Margaret Murder At Ford's Theatre
Truman, Margaret Murder At The Kennedy Center
Truman, Margaret Murder At The National Gallery
Truman, Margaret Murder At The Pentagon
Truman, Margaret Murder At The Watergate
Truman, Margaret Murder In Georgetown
Truman, Margaret Murder In the CIA
Truman, Margaret Murder In The House
Truman, Margaret Murder In The National Cathedral
Truman, Margaret Murder In The Smithsonian
Truman, Margaret Murder In The Supreme Court
Truman, Margaret Murder In The White House
Truman, Margaret Murder on Capital Hill
Truman, Margaret Murder On The Potomac
Trump, Donald Trump: The Art of The Deal
Twain, Mark Autobiography Volume 1
Twain, Mark Pudd'nhead Wilson
Twain, Mark The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Twain, Mark The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
Updike, John A Month Of Sundays
Updike, John Couples
Updike, John Of The Farm
Updike, John Rabbit At Rest
Updike, John Rabbit Is Rich
Updike, John Rabbit Redux
Updike, John Rabbit Run
Updike, John S.
Updike, John The Poorhouse Fair
Updike, John Too Far To Go
Updike, John Toward The End of Time
Uris, Leon A God In Ruins
VanLiere, Donna The Christmas Shoes
Vaughn, Andrew Eagles
Venturi, Ken Getting Up & Down, My 60 Years in Golf
Vonnegut Jr., Kurt Slaughter House Five
Vowell, Sarah Unfamiliar Fishes
Wallace, Mike Between You and Me
Waller, Robert James A Thousand County Roads
Waller, Robert James Border Music
Waller, Robert James High Plains Tango
Waller, Robert James Old Songs In A New Cafe
Waller, Robert James Puerto Vallerta Squeeze
Waller, Robert James Slow Waltz In Cedar Bend
Waller, Robert James The Bridges Of Madison County
Waller, Robert James The Long Night of Winchell Dear
Walsh, Kenneth Air Force One
Walton, Sam Made In America
Wambaugh, Joseph Echoes In The Darkness
Wambaugh, Joseph Finnegan's Week
Wambaugh, Joseph Floaters
Wambaugh, Joseph Fugitive Nights
Wambaugh, Joseph Hollywood Station
Wambaugh, Joseph Lines And Shadows
Wambaugh, Joseph The Black Marble
Wambaugh, Joseph The Blooding
Wambaugh, Joseph The Blue Knight
Wambaugh, Joseph The Choirboys
Wambaugh, Joseph The Delta Star
Wambaugh, Joseph The Glitter Dome
Wambaugh, Joseph The Golden Orange
Wambaugh, Joseph The New Centurians
Wambaugh, Joseph The Secrets Of Harry Bright
Warren, Rick The Purpose Driven Life
Wasdin, Howard and Stephen Templin Seal Team Six
Weintraub, Jerry When I Stop Talking, You'll Know
I'm Dead
Weintraub, Stanley 11 Days in December, Christmas
at the Bulge; 1944
Weintraub, Stanley Silent Night
Welch, Jack Winning
Wells, H. G. The Invisible Man
White, E. B. Charlotte's Web
White, E.B. Stuart Little
Wiesel, Elie Night
Wilson, Brian Wouldn't It Be Nice
Winters, Dick Beyond the Band of Brothers
Wolfe, Thomas The Bonfire Of Vanities
Woods, Stuart Bel Air Dead
Woods, Stuart Choke
Woods, Stuart Cold Paradise
Woods, Stuart Collateral Damage
Woods, Stuart D.C. Dead
Woods, Stuart Dark Harbor
Woods, Stuart Dead in the Water
Woods, Stuart Dirt
Woods, Stuart Dirty Work
Woods, Stuart Fresh Disasters
Woods, Stuart Hot Mahogany
Woods, Stuart Kisser
Woods, Stuart L.A. Dead
Woods, Stuart Loitering with Intent
Woods, Stuart Lucid Intervals
Woods, Stuart New York Dead
Woods, Stuart Palindrome
Woods, Stuart Reckless Abandon
Woods, Stuart Severe Clear
Woods, Stuart Shoot Him if He Runs
Woods, Stuart Son of Stone
Woods, Stuart Strategic Moves
Woods, Stuart Swimming to Catalina
Woods, Stuart The Short Forever
Woods, Stuart Two Dollar Bill
Woods, Stuart Unintended Consequences
Woods, Stuart Unnatural Acts
Woods, Stuart Worst Fears Realized
Woodward, Bob Bush At War
Woodward, Bob Plan of Attack
Woodward, Bob The Agenda
Woodward, Bob The Commanders
Woodward, Bob The Maestro
Woodward, Bob The Secret Man
Woodward, Bob Veil
Woodward, Bob Wired
Woodward, Bob & Bernstein, Carl The Final Days
Wyman, Bill Stone Alone
Young, Neil Waging Heavy Peace
Young, William The Shack
Yousafzai, Malala I am Malala


  1. Hit Wally Lamb's, I Know This Much Is True. You wont regret it, Hondo!

  2. thanks Michelle for your comment. That one, like many, many others are on my shelf to read. One of the great things about living in MN is...the Half Price Book stores! I'm like Norm at Cheers when I walk in the door and buy books on the cheap and read them later. Most recently, Mr. Lamb was in the Twin Cities and a writers symposium unfortunately I missed it. But did grab an signed copy of his latest, We are Water! thanks again!