Friday, September 14, 2012

UBL? Yes, UBL!

They say life isn't easy. We're handed stuff that makes us wonder, how am I ever going to overcome this? It seems as though there are no easy days.

Life as a Navy Seal seems the same but in a different way. Train, train, train and train and this is no ordinary training, wait, wait, wait and no deployment or mission may ever occur. But then word comes. Dedication to a purpose so much so you leave family and friends behind. Secret. Operations and deployment so secret you're unable to communicate with parents, wives, friends for extended periods of time.

UBL? Yes UBL.  UBL stands for Usama Bin Laden( the spelling used by the CIA) and the mission, Operation Geronimo/Neptune Spear was on.

Under the pseudonym Mark Owen( who has been revealed as Matt Bissonette), along with Kevin Maurer tells of the SEAL operations and missions including the assassination of Osama Bin Laden in the controversial book, No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden released just last week.  Pentagon officials state that the book wasn't vetted through the normal process leading to the controversy and but now have recently said punishment is unlikely. Many don't agree. A non-disclosure agreement was signed and now violated by Bissonette. Some say the brotherhood and secrecy of the SEAL and its mission have been compromised.

Boots were on the ground and just over 30 minutes, Osama Bin Laden was body bagged.  Not sure what information is confidential or credible, but Owen details training as a SEAL, various missions including the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips from Somalian pirates, to the mysterious deployment for a mission who's purpose was yet to be given.

30 minutes. Owen and the SEALS put you in fatigues and NVG's, ( Night Vision Glasses) fly you to Pakistan, crash a helicopter, hot foot you through the compound, "clearing" rooms one floor at a time until you're on level three.

And there he stood...


(63rd book read this year)