Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Trying to fit in...

Whether you're a reindeer with a red nose, a train with square wheels or a jack in the box named Charlie, we all want to fit in.

Throughout our lives, we all want fit in, feel accepted and be a part of something.

As a toddler, pre-teen or young adult and as we grow older, acceptance is a part of who we are. Accepted for who we are, not excluded because of race, gender, religion or...

Mental Disability.

Think of the challenges that you've faced through out your life, now add a mental or intellectual disability and that challenge becomes more difficult.

In 1968, Eunice Shriver, created the Special Olympics and some 35 years later it's become the world's largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, providing year-round training and competitions to more than 4.2 million athletes in 170 countries.

In 1987, Jimmy Iovine, grammy award winning record producer. (Iovine has worked with everyone from John Lennon to Bruce Springsteen)  gathered a diverse group of artists to record a collection of Christmas music as a tribute to his late father.

Proceeds went to the special Olympics. Now 11 albums and millions of dollars later, watch and listen to Vanessa Williams as she narrates of how this wonderful project came about.

Learn how Whitney's rendition of "Do You Hear What I Hear" stunned the producers and musicians with her performance.

Others on that first record which in 1998 was certified quadruple platinum, include, Steve Nicks, Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp, Run DMC and Madonna among others. Oh, and some fine artists from Ireland called U2.

Voices as diverse as the music they're famous for, the artists, not paid for their performance put together memorable versions of Christmas classics, versions that all fit in a holiday play list.

".....Repeat the sounding joy...."

Merry Christmas!