Saturday, May 21, 2011

700 Sundays, A Twist of Lemmon and Here's Johnny..

While reviewing the list of books in my library, I came across this wonderful memoir by Billy Crystal called, 700 Sundays and spoke the title out loud. Why? Because it was that great of a book. 

700 Sundays
What's up with the title you might ask?  700 Sundays is the amount of time Billy spent with his father, who passed away when Billy was 15. This tribute not only tells the story of the Crystals' love of jazz, but opens you to the comedic foundation that made Billy the funny man he is today as he hung at at jazz clubs and record stores in NY City. Hilarious, poignant story of the love between father and son.

You want funny? check out Here's Johnny! Ed McMahon's memories of Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show and 46 years of Friendship. This book had me laughing to tears as McMahon recalls the  funny skits from the Tonight Show. You'll get a glimpse into the reclusiveness of Carson and the answer to the question, What was Johnny really like?
Here's Johnny!: My Memories of Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show, and 46 Years of Friendship

In Chris Lemmon's tribute to his father Jack in A Twist of Lemmon: A Tribute to My Father, learn of their annual trout fishing trips to Alaska, endearing golf games and life with a famous father. One hysterical story I recall involves trout, Alaska and a big bear!

A Twist of Lemmon: A Tribute to My Father

All great Father's day gifts...

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