Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bob Seger concert review

Okay for those who have followed my blog from it's inception, I made the comment that from time to time you may see a post announcing an upcoming concert ( as I'm a music fanatic) and a review of a show or two. So with that, I divert away from talking books for a moment and talk concerts. A Rock n Roll Concert in particular, that being Bob Seger who I recently saw Live.

Granted I was 4 rows from stage, but he put on a show, completely unabashed of what record companies want him to sing and he played...and played ..and played. This guy giving the crowd a rockin' great show and he seemed to enjoying it as much as us!

He played as if he was at his first gig  in a local bar cranking it out for those who dared to listen....played as if it was the first time he's played. Now older and "drifter's days are past me <him> now", loving life, enjoying what got him to stardom and playing for his audience and only his audience! No light show, video laced theater, record corporation crap- just good, Old Time Rock N Roll!

The smile on his face told it all...told the story of how he's made it but hasn't forgotten his roots...humbling, play-it-to-me straight, pure Rock n Roll that takes all of us back to the days of innocence and our Night Moves; only to poetically refrain the challenges that we endear when we're Against the Wind.

Only a few shows left through the end of May. No news on additional shows..yet!. If he were to return to St. Paul, I'd definitely go again!

Next up..Jackson Browne ..5/29.

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