Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bookstore etiquette - no reading in the bathroom

Although Barnes and Noble announced store closings this week and Borders is now gone, bookstores aren't dead yet.

Here's a reminder of bookstore etiquette, some that I'm guilty of:

1) treat a bookstore like a library...shhhhhhhhhhhhh!
2) while browsing, be aware of your surroundings. People behind you may also like to look at what's on the shelf so being within a nose lengths of the shelf blocks others from viewing ( guilty as charged)
3) if reading a book do so away from a shelf. See #2
4) when walking in front of a person who is shopping a shelf, say something like, 'pardon me' 'excuse me' etc, as you walk and interrupt their view
5) when standing at the checkout counter and there's a line behind you, keep friendly banter with the cashier to a minimum or non-existent. Nothing more annoying then waiting in line while you listen to cashier/customer trade recipes, book suggestions, weather reports, etc.*
6) and never, ever, take a book into the bathroom for reading. ( see Seinfeld episode George Costanza's toilet book )

* this pertains to any retail outlet

Until the last bookstore is closed, conglomerate or independent, we can all experience a more enjoyable book browsing pleasure if the above etiquette is followed. Any others? welcome more...

Happy Reading!

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