Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Long May You Run...in 2013

I'm not a runner. Flat out, I rarely do it. That's not to say I don't run to the supermarket, bookstore, bathroom or refrigerator. Not necessarily in that order.

Trains and cars and several guitars. All run. Trains run on coal, electricity or steam, cars run on gasoline or in this case ethanol and guitars run on the strum or pluck of ones fingers.

Neil Young's memoir, Waging Heavy Peace, speaks to all three.

Young is philosophical on his idealistic view of life, always tinkering with new things. A revealing look at his life intertwined with his inspired invention to that helped save the Lionel train company, his ethanol powered car which is taken years to create ( it being destroyed by fire doesn't help) and the many guitars that he used to create classics such as "Old Man", " Heart of Gold" and  "Harvest Moon".

Then there's Young's approach to the purity of music and his desire to un-digitize the music that's created today. Not to revert back to vinyl, reel to reel, cassette or 8 track, but to recapture the sound of how music was once made - analogically.

Long may you run. The title of a song made famous by Neil Young.  We all have our challenges in life, Mr. Young is no exception. But instead of giving up or giving in, he decided to give. Give of himself to make a better life for his disabled child. Mr. Young is not only a gifted musician but a very inventive human being.

As we start a new year with feelings of hope, we'll also face our own set of challenges along the way. Neil Young's life is not only interesting, inventive and spiritual, it's inspiring as well.

So, Long May You Run during 2013 and may your new year be fruitful and full of joy and peace.

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