Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Forgive me Father(U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) for I have sinned...

What if.

Here we are again, listening to a celebrity apologize for their indiscretions.  Lance Armstrong is no different from those in the past where they find that denial or cover up is the easiest way to overcome or hide their lies.

Richard Nixon - what if he wouldn't have slushed funds to John Dean  to cover up Watergate.  How would've this country been changed?

It's not the crime or indiscretion that gets you so to speak, its the cover up. We've yet to learn the lessons from Watergate.

What if Pete Rose would've admitting gambling straightaway?
What if Bill Clinton would've saved the country from his embarrassment?

Well, "If, If's and And's were Pots and Pans, the world would be a kitchen!"

Sports, Politics, Movie/TV stars, celebrities and the like.  While adultery and affairs are no one's business, when you become part of the celebrity spin that we so love to twirl, it becomes everyones business. It comes with the territory. Sure there's a degree of privacy at stake here, but when a celebrity feeds off the adulation's of others, that privacy gets chipped away.  It's been often said, would love the money, just wouldn't want the fame. 

What if Lance, when given the opportunity to speak the truth and he's had plenty of chances, would've done just that, spoke the truth? He duped us all. One could argue he's no different than Bernie Madoff. They both conned us. One monetarily, the other through inspiration.

I've not read Lance's book, It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. This past month I found myself selling it on the cheap at a used book store.  Fittingly - - cheap.  We can expect Lance to write another book, I wonder what the title will be?  "It's Not About the Truth" ? That book would be far more interesting than a book of lies.

One could argue that his foundation has done alot of good and I don't disagree. Battling back from cancer is truly inspirational, but that inspiration now has been tainted.

Truly, yes, connecting that word with Lance Armstrong is difficult, however, he truly has no one to answer to but the God he worships and just importantly, the person he sees in the mirror each day. 

Who's to blame here? Lance and his controlling cover up of the truth? Or society? Society where we so pedestal our athletes, politicians, actors and actresses? Should we really be surprised at all the questionable activities of these people after we, ourselves, have lifted them up?  There are human.  And human kind has been lying since the apple was plucked from the tree.

What happened to focusing on those that truly, (there's that word again) affect our lives - - parents, grandparents, children, teachers, friends, neighbors, ministers and priests. Those people that have a direct impact on our lives.

Who's at fault? Us for thinking that celebrities are free of fault and failure? Perhaps, but one thing is certain - - - -

Denial just ain't a river in Egypt and Lance canoed that river for a decade! 

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