Sunday, January 20, 2013

Take me out to the ball game..Stan Musial, Earl Weaver

The passing of Stan Musial and Earl Weaver reminds us of a time of no ESPN1, 2 or 3, no news scrolls at the bottom of the TV screen, no twitter or facebook, no night baseball at Wrigley,  no steroids, no wildcard playoffs....and days of doubleheaders, Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubek's NBC's Saturday Game of the Week, Howard Cosell's ABC Monday Night Baseball, TOPPS baseball cards, real grass playing fields, the feel of a new Rawlings glove, Curt Gowdy,  the smell of an old ballpark, playing catch, tee-ball, Colt and Pony League, Ray Fosse and the 70's Oakland Athletics, Johnny Bench and the Big Red Machine, Ernie Banks and let's play two, the Cubbies and Jack Brickhouse, Jack Buck and Mike Shannon, AM radio....and dreams. Oh, how great it was!

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