Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Help: the Book, the Movie and Reader's Poll

With the popularity of the movie, I thought I'd read the book and if it was good, I'd check out the movie.  If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know my stance on books made into movies or movies based on books, however you wish to phrase.

The Help, an extraordinary, riveting story about a group of women who help each other and through their challenges they discover, they help themselves. Through the eyes of central female characters, Skeeter, Aibileen and Minny, Stockett tells of the struggles of housekeepers in the deep south during the 1960's. A period piece, Stockett's style of writing adds to the realism of the book.

The Help

In respect to The Help, I'm glad I at least read the book. Really enjoyed it, it's subject matter, style of writing and that Stockett adds historical references which being a lover of history, further enhances my enjoyment.

But I've heard some don't enjoy the book as it taps into sensitive subjects of our country's torrid past. Prejudice whether it be social class, job, gender, age, religion or race exists in todays society unfortunately but it can't be ignored. Stockett's prose continues to bring to light part of our nations history, whether we like it or not.  Either way, I welcome all comments and questions and you may post them anonymously, as you can with all my blog posts. 

Can you identify  points of irony or symbolism in the books? Here's a few points that recognized or pondered:
  • Skeeter helps the maids by writing a book with an aptly named title and ironically helps herself.
  • Hilly continues to cast aspersions on those around her only to get a "taste" of her own medicine and fought to overcome her own stereotype when the nourishment of her  pie became known. Quite the humbling experience, don't ya think?
  • Celia chopping down the mimosa tree signifies?
  • Release of the movie at the same time of the unveiling of the  Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial, coincidence or shrewd marketing?
Here's one question I've read, can a white woman write a book about black women? Does it matter?

Check out my readers poll at the top left of my blog.  Have you seen the movie? Like it better than the book? 

Looking forward to your comments...

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  1. Very nice blog post!!! I took into consideration some of the questions listed at the end, and it got me thinking!!!