Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Concert Review: The Complex Lindsey Buckingham

After taking a peek at the predicted set list as I most often do prior to a show, I originally intended to format my review as dinner at a favorite restaurant with a long time friend.  Reading the menu you see your old favorites and a  few new ones, translating that to his music both new, old and a bit of Fleetwood Mac. Me being a big fan of the Mac - -  both Fleetwood and McDonald's.

Then after attending Friday nights show at the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis, I changed my mind. What I witnessed was an extraordinary guitar player but full of psychoanalysis and deep thinking.  With  philosophic storytelling between each song, I wasn't sure if I was at a  concert or watching an episode of Frasier Crane, sans the humor.

His openness wasn't the only thing, quirky.  Take for instance, the order of songs. Slowly getting started with some familiar and not so familiar tunes, we felt and heard that recognizable thump of  "Tusk". The crowd came alive, some easing their way to the front of the stage. Then the song was over, leaving the audience  to wander back to their seats anxious to hear more zestful enthusiasm but left with something new "Stars are Crazy"  and "End of Time".   "Tusk" may have best been left towards the end, perhaps accompanied by the University of MN Marching Band?

Being a Rock N Roll Hall Famer and one of the most underrated guitar virtuosos,  Buckingham has earned the right to perform solo but his past love affair came resoundingly clear from one heckler who yelled, "Where's Stevie?" Much to the delight of his nicer audience, Buckingham didn't let the rudeness go unnoticed and countered,  I'm playing some  material from my new album tonight but for that man out there, sorry, "Stevie isn't on it."

Some new songs came together, "off hand" as 62 year old rocker prepped the audience and "Illumination" was a prime example. Not lighting up the crowd at all.

But hits such as "Second Hand News" "Big Love" and "Go Your Own Way", where he literally was banging on his guitar, gave the crowd what they expected, great guitar playing and remembrance of the wonderful Fleetwood Mac days of old. Reflection and introspection best left to the individual and their own devices and not the performer they paid to come see.

PS. For those Fleetwood Mac;fans, check out Lindsey's interview in Aug. 31 edition of  Rolling Stone as he hints at another FM tour or maybe a spin around the universe with Stevie.


Shut Us Down
Go Insane
Never Going Back Again
Big Love
Under the Skin
All My Sorrows
In Our Own Time
Second Hand News
Stars Are Crazy
End of Time
That's the Way Love Goes
I'm So Afraid
Go Your Own Way
Turn It On
Seeds We Sow

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