Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thunder Dog, a 9/11 survival story.

Close your eyes. Go ahead, you know you can. Now start walking down the stairs, 1,463 stairs to be exact. Throw in a few hundred people, take away ventilation and air conditioning and toss in the anxiety over the unknown cause of your floor to tilt, and you have the ingredients of Michael Hingson's venture of survival that began on the 78th floor of the north Tower of the World Trade Center. But don't forget, ThunderDog, Rochelle, Hingson's guide dog. 

Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero

Blind at birth, Hingson's lives his life not as a blind person, but "a person who happens to be blind."  He tells of his extraordinary adventure as he and Rochelle navigate down the stairwell and out of the WTC area, only to be chased by the enormous dust cloud that eventually engulfed them.

Hingson's story is intense at first, taking each methodical step down the collapsing tower with Rochelle, then interwoven is Hingson's life story from his parents desire and battle to raise their son as any "normal" child to guide dog training to a successful career in sales at the Quantum group during the years prior to and shortly after 9/11 to now a career in consulting and speaking.

Full of courage and bravery, Hingson and his Thunderdog, Rochelle, find their way to survive and help others along the way.

But, don't let me tell you about his story, let him tell it you in these videos one  from an appearance on Larry King back on 9/11/2002 and another for his book.

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