Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eighteen guitars, a keyboard, a chair and a...

Shot of Cuban sweet juice.  Pick your poison and kick back to a coffee house gig of a show that Jackson Browne did on Sunday May 29.

To a near sold out show of 2,000( I didn’t count them) he hit the stage and set expectations by exclaiming,  I really have no set list so let me know what you’d like to hear. And shout out we did. With his eighteen acoustic guitars racked nearby,( some tuned for specific songs) he’d play a few he wanted to play then  would strum a request or two. During the second set, a stage hand poured a shot of rum and  Browne tossed it back and sang his way through  ‘Going down to Cuba’, then added another shot later in the gig.

I'm glad I waited in line, I'm glad I got up on my feet and made the was sweet.

Set list went something like this:

The Barricades of Heaven
Farther On
These Days
Something Fine
Looking Into You
Giving That Heaven Away
Mohammed's Radio/Don't Let Us Get Sick - tribute to Warren Zevon
In the Shape of a Heart
Your Bright Baby Blues
Rock Me On The Water


For Everyman
Fountain of Sorrow
Two of Me, Two of You
The Pretender
Alive in the World
Lives in the Balance
Going Down to Cuba
My Opening Farewell
Lights and Virtues
The Naked Ride Home
Running On Empty

Encore - The Load Out; Stay

"Tonight the people were so fine, they waited there in line and then they got up on their feet and made the show...and that was sweet"

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