Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150 years ago...

A shot was heard through the south and this young nation. You may have seen various publications, news programs and websites commemorating the 150 anniversary of the start of the Civil War. Many books have been written on our nations bloodiest battle.  Here are some recommended authors, including my favorite.

Shelby Foote's Time Life 14 volume set , Bruce Catton's 3 Volume Set or Ken Burns' Civil War DVD set along with his book,  The Civil War: An Illustrated History

My favorite Civil War author is James McPherson, who's wrote the pulitzer prize winning, Battle Cry of Freedom, an outstanding book, if you read any books on the war, I'd start with this one. 

Interested in the battle of Gettysburg?  Mr. McPherson visited the battle ground many times and wrote, Hallowed Ground, a Walk at Gettysburg.  A short book (144 pages) written in a way that puts the reader- -  right there. Right at Gettysburg. After reading this book in 2003, I truly thought I had taken a walk through the Hallowed Grounds with Mr. McPherson as my guide.

He's written quite a few books on the Civil War and President Lincoln. Check him out during this historic commemorative year.

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