Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Freedom, Finally!

Although, Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, did improve from my earlier post, this reader couldn't escape the deepness of Franzen's characters. Perhaps I wasn't prepared to read such an in depth novel, but his characters aren't believable, which is different then unbelievable with an exclamation point. Unbelievable in a sense that I survived Franzen's over analytical prose where  the perception of his characters couldn't be as intellectual as he portrayed them to be, warbling through life in constantly changing notes as the definition describes but not as softly.

Clearly, Freedom is a device to express Franzen's political, environmental and social views. But writing allows the author to do such that, free to express their views, fictionally or non, whether the reader agrees or disagrees. Readers also have the freedom to choose, free to read or not to read, which this reader chooses not to read future or past Franzen novels.

But I digress, his book wasn't for me but may be for others. As a blog allows bloggers to express their point of views, feel free to agree or disagree.

I had the endurance to survive being shackled to his  novel but now I have the freedom to choose another book, Endurance, Alfred Lansings acclaimed book on Ernest Shackleton's survival in the Antarctic seas.

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