Saturday, February 26, 2011


In reading Jonathan Franzen's Freedom, I'm not sure why he based it in St. Paul. Perhaps he wanted to generate a following in Minnesota's capital city or his book sales in this region were lacking. Freedom could've been written about any city. But then again, the city's not the center point of the book. Or is it? The diverse views, political or otherwise, in St. Paul and Minnesota could lead one to believe it is.  Am I making too much of the fact that it's written about the city I live in. But that's one of the appealing things about the book. One of the reasons I chose to read it. Maybe the only reason at this point.  His characters and writing style are as complicated as a street map of Saint Paul, perhaps thats why he chose it. I'll not spend to much time posting on this book as I've spent too much time reading it.  However, I am writing this post having only read 1/4th of the book.   Perhaps my view will change once I complete it, which leads me to this question:

If you don't enjoy a book as you're reading it, do you finish it? As I feel I rob the author of their creative talent I will always finish a book. Some people don't, not sure why as how can one form a likeness or dis-likeness to a book if it's not read in its entirety. Is it the same with movies? Do you stop watching a movie before you can form an opinion of it?

With Franzen, we shall see as maybe I've jumped to conclusions on why his book should be the first book I don't read completely...


  1. WOW. I really liked this book and I'll be surprised if you don't like it in the end. At least read through her personal diary section. But, I liked the depth of the characters in the end. They were believable to me - not always likable - but believable in that they had good, moral times in their lives, and times when they made bad decisions.
    And I agree with you that the St. Paul setting is significant. It's "midwestern" yet still a large city with diversity and progressive ideas. St. Paul is a great city and I think it is the right backdrop for this.
    It was the first book I'd read in a while, so maybe I enjoyed it more just because I was reading again!!!

  2. hey Hokiegirl92, thanks for your comment. As I've continued through the journey of Freedom, it has improved but alas, I'm still struggling.... I've learned more about Patty, I'm now learning more about Richard.

    thanks for supporting my blog!