Friday, February 4, 2011

Frank and Don...

Don Rickles spins a tale like no one else could in his book, Rickles Book.  Why is it entitled Rickles book?  It stems for him writing a book. Have you read Rickles book? Instead of having a title say like...The life and time of Don Rickles...he simply says, hey I'm writing a book, tell your friends. One friend says to another, Have you read Rickles Book? 

An hysterical memoir of stories and tales of Don's life, hanging with the rat pack and the chairman of the board - F.S.  If you only read enough to hear the great joke Don pulled on Frank, it's well worth the price of the book.  Mr. Warmth as Don Rickles is dubbed is a legend.  Check out a dvd called, Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project.  If you have a distaste for  politically incorrectness, then perhaps you should pass on this dvd. If not, sit back and be ready to bust one in laughter!  You can find the book or dvd by clicking on the highlighted book title or dvd title above. Enjoy!

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