Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Sweden for a fictitous weekend...

I was in Sweden a couple years ago where I met Lisbeth Salander who suggested I get a tattoo, a dragon tattoo and place it on my left shoulder. I was a little apprehensive as I wasn't sure how a dragon tattoo in Sweden would translate to the U.S., but threw caution to the wind and went under the needle. Now, I'm back in Sweden this weekend with Mikael Blomkvist, while we watch Lisbeth play with fire. I wanted to be better prepared for this trip so on the plane ride over I read a  'travel guide' from Kurdo Baksi's called Our Days in Stockholm,  a memoir of friendship with Stieg Larsson.  Kurdo's book provides a view into the world of Stieg, his friend for many years.  Larrson was a very driven, chain smoking, coffee guzzling workaholic who strived to make a difference in the Swedish world by exposing neo-nazi and racist groups, their members and their activities. While trapsing through Sweden, Mikael kept on about a hornet's nest, not sure what he means by that but in due time I'm sure I'll know.  It's about 20 degrees in Sweden today with light snow forecasted tonight and possibly rain/snow tomorrow as it warms up into the mid 30's so playing with fire comes in handy and a glass of brannvin helps too.

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