Sunday, January 16, 2011

Books Read in 2010

Books read in 2010... Need a recommendation?
Alley, Robert    The Last Tango in Paris
Bartiromo, Maria  The Weekend that Changed Wall Street          
Bradlee, Ben and Quinn  A Life's Work: Fathers and Sons
Burnett, Carol This Time Together
Burns, George   100 Years 100 Stories
Bush, George W. Decision Points
Clancy, Tom        Net Forces: The Archimedes Effect         
Clark, Mary Higgins   Cry in the Night
Cleland, Max      Heart of a Patriot            
Coben, Harlan   Just One Look  
Coben, Harlan   The Innocent    
Coben, Harlan   Caught
Coben, Harlan   Hold Tight           
Coben, Harlan   The Woods        
Connelly, Michael            Concrete Blonde             
Connelly, Michael            The Black Ice   
Connelly, Michael  The Black Echo
Cornwell, Patricia             Scarpetta            
Croce, Ingrid      Jim Croce-Time in a Bottle           
Evanovich, Janet              Troublemaker Book One             
Evanovich, Janet              Finger Lickin Fifteen      
Evanovich, Janet              Fearless Fourteen      
Evanovich, Janet              Metro Girl        
Evans, Richard Paul         Promise Me      
Fairstein, Linda  Cold Hit
Fairstein, Linda  Likely To Die      
Finder, Joseph  Vanished          
Flynn, Vince       American Assassin          
Flynn, Vince       Pursuit of Honor              
Grisham, John   Theodore Boone             
Halpern, Justin  Sh*t My Dad Says           
Hassler, Jon        Grand Opening
Hemingway, Ernest         Across the River and into the Trees        
Higgins, Jack       The Wolf at the Door     
Hotchner, A.E.   Paul and Me      
Johnson, Spencer M.D  The Present      
Klara, Robert      FDR's Funeral Train         
Lewis, Jerry        Dean and Me    
McCullough, David          In The Dark Streets Shineth        
McMurtry, Larry               Hollywood         
Morrison, Toni  a Mercy               
O'Neill, Terry, Robin Morgan       Sinatra: Frank and Friendly         
Paine, Wingate Mirror of Venus; text by Federico Fellini               
Parker, Robert P.             School Days, Cold Service, Bad Business, Back Story,
The Boxer and The Spy , Widow's Walk , Potshot, Hugger Mugger, Hush Money, Sudden Mischief,     Small Vices, Chance,Thin Air, Walking Shadows, Edenville Owls, Paper Doll, Double Duece,             Chasing the Bear, Pasttime, Snapshot, Playmates, Crimson Joy, Pale Kings and Princes,             Taming a Sea-Horse, A Catskill Eagle, Valediction, Ceremony,The Savage Place, Early Autumn,        Looking for Rachel Wallace, The Judas Goat, Promised Land, Mortal Stakes, God Save The Child,        The Godwulf Manuscript, The Widening Gyre        
Patterson James              The Postcard Killers        
Patterson, James             Crossfire             
Patterson, James             Don't Blink         
Patterson, James             Private 
Patterson, James             9th Judgment   
Patterson, James             Worst Case        
Rice, Condoleeza           Extraordinary Ordinary People
Russell, Bill          Red and Me      
Sanders, Lawrence          The Pleasures of Helen
Sandford, John Bad Blood           
Sandford, John Storm Prey        
Shreve, Anita     Rescue
Shreve, Anita     Where or When              
Sorenson, Theodore      Decision-Making in the White House     
Sparks, Nicholas               Dear John           
Steinbeck, John                Tortilla Flat         
Thompson, Hunter S.     ScrewJack          
Twain, Mark       Autobiography Volume 1            
Updike, John     The Poorhouse Fair        
Weintraub, Jerry              When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead

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