Saturday, October 5, 2013

Like a Wyoming Grizzley Bear ripping through a Rainbow Trout...

While ripping through the first two Joe Pickett novels  by CJ Box, I was contemplating my next reading adventure but still wasn't sure where I wanted to travel to.

When in WinterKill, the third Pickett novel, I found my future reading destination.

A character at the center of WinterKill is named Gardiner.

It was a sign. So with the ferociousness  of a Wyoming grizzly bear tearing through a rainbow trout( Box' books are that good and they read that quickly), I finished WinterKill. Little did I know what lay ahead of me in my ensuing chosen thrill ride of a read.

So I grabbed a mug of green tea( yes, no coffee here), let my big thirsty leather chair surround me and I devoured the latest novel by who else, Meg Gardiner.

Ransom River will strap you in from page one to the last. An originally creative mystery with court room drama as its backdrop, it stacks up against the best of them.  One shouldn't be surprised why Stephen King and Jeffery Deaver recommend her, not to mention scores of newspapers and literary reviewers.

Ransom River is a stand alone but you aught not be standing as you read it. So brew a beverage, grab a chair and enjoy a great novel!

Another solo(word standalone was becoming redundant) book by Meg is Shadow Tracer:

Her Evan Delaney series( in order left to right):

Her Jo Beckett series ( in order left to right):

For more on Meg Gardiner visit her website .

Happy Reading!

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