Saturday, October 19, 2013

Her name is Malala....

Her name is Malala Yousafzai.  She's a teenage girl from the Swat Valley in Pakistan and she...

Stood up for girls education

Stood up for books

Stood up for equality

And she was shot.

Malala's competitive spirit shines through in her book,  I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, where she not only talks about education and schools, but her life in violent Pakistan, her family, her fathers influence, the Taliban and confronting inequality in her own way.

400 schools bombed. Look around your state.  400 schools bombed. Can you imagine?

Imagine being so passionate about one thing, it could be anything, books, sports, education, religion, nature, whatever that may be, but you have to leave it. Leave it with the hope that someday you'll return. In leaving Swat as an IDP( internally displaced person), Malala left behind her school bag. ( they could only take so much ). A school bag full of books and dvds which she cared about so much, that she prayed over them; prayed that one day she'd return to them again.

Can you imagine?

Now, for the most part, we can live, work and do as we please in the country for which we live.  A nation abundantly full of choices and  freedoms.

Yea, I get it, we're not perfect. We have our issues. Our education system isn't perfect but it's available to whomever chooses to learn.

In Malala's book, we learn about the every day challenges she and others face, reminding us of how good we have it and should continue to appreciate all what our country offers.

You may not agree with him, his views or his show, but this past week, Jon Stewart of Comedy Central, Daily Show fame, interviewed Malala. After viewing it, I had to read this young woman's book. It's an extraordinary memoir about a brave young girl.

Now she does have her critics. One op-ed in particular appeared this week in the USA Today with the infuriating title of: Malala is a heroine, but Gandhi she ain't

No, she isn't. Nor should we compare. Malala is her own person. She...

Stood up for girls education

Stood up for books

Stood up for equality

And she was shot

In. the. head.

And she lived.

She is Malala and this is her story:

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