Saturday, July 27, 2013

Everywhere I go and Everywhere that I went...

Everywhere I go and everywhere I went, I'd look for and/or talk about books.



Grocery stores

Drinks/dinner with friends

Drinks/dinner with strangers



St. Louis





Every bookstore I go to and every book store I went to,  I kept seeing this author: Lisa Scot-to-line, Lisa Scottoline, but I've never read her.  Author of twenty lawyer-esque mystery's based mostly in Philly, Ms. Scottoline has been quite successful both in and out of the literary world.

Twenty books. That's a lot.  If you've ever tried to write a book ( full disclosure, I have) it's not easy. It's downright hard. So twenty best sellers, she must be good, right.

You darn tootin' she's good. 

So, as I most often do, call it an addiction, I'll buy all the books of an author than categorically file them in my fiction section or non fiction based on the genre and subject matter, of my library (guesstimated to be 4,000) with the pleasurable intention of reading them some day.  So with Ms. Scottoline, I did just that. Well, over the course of a few years I did.

 I would pick up one or a few of her books at Barnes and Noble STORE, not a web site, or at HalfPrice Books, again a STORE not a website.  ( caps used for emphasis of the love of a book STORE and all that it entails). Until just this past spring I had all of hers. Yes all twenty of them. She has also written four non-fiction books which I've yet to pick up during my journey.

As I'm writing this blog and taking a photo to include, I discovered this shocking dilemma: I don't have all of them...yet!  I'm missing two. Everywhere that I went I was certain I had all of her books.

But until that next exciting trip to the bookstore( visited two today) to complete my Scottoline selection, I'll continue reading what I have, so that everywhere I go and everywhere that I went I can say I have read or at least have all of her books.

And...Everywhere That Mary Went she might have too.  Who's Mary? She's the character in Scottoline's first fictional tale, the title? Yep you guessed it:

Everywhere That Mary Went

For a complete and chronological list of books visit her website: Lisa Scottoline

Happy Reading,

PS. Teach a Child to read and their world will be endless.


  1. Thx so very much for this wonderful post! xoxoxoxo Love, Lisa Scottoline

    1. you're most welcome and thanks for reading my blog.