Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Teammates....Johnny Pesky

Johnny Pesky was a player, a coach, a broadcaster and a...teammate.  In critically acclaimed author David Halberstam's book,  The Teammates: A Portrait of a Friendship, learn how Pesky, Dimaggio ( Dominic , not Joe ), Bobby Doerr and Ted Williams became more than just teammates.

They became friends, a friendship that lasted 60 years. Halberstam tells of a trip Dom and Johnny took. A trip to see an old friend.  With Ted Williams ailing, Pesky and Dimaggio travelled to Florida, a 1,300 mile trip, to see their friend and fellow teammate...for the last time. Doerr,  stayed back to tend to his ill wife.

Baseball may not be of your literary interest, but The Teammates is more than baseball. It's about friendship, memories, love and respect.

Halberstam's book touches 'em all!

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