Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Almost Cut My Hair!

...Actually I did. About ten hours before the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert last night.
Not one to really conform, I do find myself with some trepidation, adhering to the corporate world, although I try to push that envelope as far as it will go, so cutting or trimming my hair was, gosh do I have to say it?, was to conform to a policy understood in the conservative world we call business. Now that conservatism is up for interpretation, but that's a subject for another day.

Back to cutting my hair or in this case, David Crosby's.  By the looks of him last night, I think he's only had a strand or two cut from his grayish white locks for the better part of  several years.  If long hair gives one strength as the biblical figure Samson has portrayed, well Crosby's long hair has strengthened his lungs.

After years of drug abuse, Crosby still belts it with the best of them and his lead vocal of "Almost Cut My Hair" was no exception.   Given what he's been through, self perpetuated or not, his vocals made your hair stand on end!  Need more? Check out Crosby's memoir's, Long Time Gone, or Since Then.

Him along with Graham Nash and Stephen Stills sent us back to the decade of long haired protesters and hippie-freaks.  I choose the latter moniker carefully as if I were to be of age during Woodstock , I too would've been among the hippie culture.

Playing all their hits and a few new songs, CSN didn't disappoint, well maybe.  The performance of Southern Cross, a lyrical portrayal of a man and his sailboat heading for southern islands, cut through the waters like a speed boat being chased by the DEA.  Stephen Stills for whatever reason chose to swiftly perform one of CSN's most loved tunes.  Perhaps listening to the song five or six times before the show set my expectations too high?

Nash, being one to always be political, kept the tone muted by commenting to basically get out and vote. He dedicated, In Your Name to the victims of the recent Sikh temple shooting in Milwaukee and introduced us to a friend who they'd met some twenty years ago in the same venue, singing Our House in her honor, with the crowd singing along.

An interesting anecdote to the song Our House  can be found in the book, Canyon of Dreams: The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon.  Think - flowers, a vase and a fire.

Stills added a Girl from the North Country, a Dylan cover, as he told a tale of traveling in northern Minnesota and did it justice, indeed.

A set list that included( in no particular order):

Almost Cut My Hair
Wooden Ships
DeJa Vu
Helplessly Hoping
Long Time Gone
Just a Song before I Go
Southern Cross
Love the One You're With
Daylight Again/Find the Cost of Freedom
Immigration Man
Our House
Girl from the North Country
Marrakesh Express
In Your Name
Lay Me Down
Teach Your Children

The nearly three hour show including a short break ended with an audience sing along of Teach Your Children and much to the disappointment of this attendee as well as many around me, the classic tune inspired by Judy Collins wasn't included. No, No Suite Judy Blue Eyes this time.

But, whether your favorite tune(s) was heard or not, CSN still gives us strength, long hair or short, to "Carry On...love is coming, love is coming to us all!"

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