Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What's on your list?

We all have lists. Things to do today, tomorrow or this week type lists. "honey-do" lists, summer project and winter project lists. Bucket Lists, shopping lists, places we want to visit before we die lists,  etc.  But do we make lists of things past?

How  about a list of moments and memories? We're all getting older and our memories are fading.  Inspired by Rosanne Cash's CD The List as well as her live show, my sister and I collaborated on a list of Christmas moments and memories as a gift to our parents.   Although we typed it ( my handwriting is atrocious!), we handed it to our parents on Christmas day. We didn't tweet it, facebook it, text it or email it.

What would be on your list and who would you give it to?  Maybe birthday memories shared with your parents? or maybe  a list of songs that you listened to as a teenager or college student and you share it with your child of that same age?

The List by Rosanne Cash is a twelve track CD of songs her father, Johnny recommended her to know. He called it her, "education". That list was 100 in total.  Here's what I hope is the first CD of many. ( added are a  few photos from her live show at Minneapolis Orchestra this past November):

1.  Miss the Mississippi and You - (featuring Joe Bonadio/John Leventhal/Tim Luntzel)
2 . Motherless Children - (featuring John Leventhal/Shawn Pelton)
3. Sea of Heartbreak
4 . Take These Chains from My Heart - (featuring Joe Bonadio/John Leventhal/Kenny Williams)
5. I'm Movin' On - (featuring Joe Bonadio/John Leventhal/RIck DePofi)
6 . Heartaches by the Number - (featuring Joe Bonadio/John Leventhal/Elvis Costello)
7. 500 Miles
8 . Long Black Veil - (featuring Jeff Tweedy/RIck DePofi)
9. She's Got You - (featuring John Leventhal/Kenny Williams/Zev Katz/Shawn Pelton)
10 . Girl from the North Country - (featuring John Leventhal/RIck DePofi/Zev Katz/Shawn Pelton)
11. Silver Wings - (featuring John Leventhal/Rufus Wainwright/Zev Katz/Shawn Pelton)
12 . Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow - (featuring John Leventhal)

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