Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trust in The Professional

We started the year by reading three of  Robert B. Parker's Spenser series  and having read most of the them in 2010, I thought it fitting to wrap up 2011 with the final three of the series as sadly, Robert Parker passed away last  year.

His writing style is succinct but with just the right number of words and dry humorist bantering between the characters, you'll push through his books like a Minnesota snowplow in winter - - -  Fast, Furious and Fun.

Trust has different meanings. As a verb it means to place confidence, to be confident. As a noun, it can be explained several ways: assured reliance on character; dependence on something future and property held by one person for the benefit of other, among various definitions.

In The Professional Parker delves into just that,  trust in all meanings. Trust in oneself, trust in others and trust as in a financial instrument. As  I reflect on The Professional, Parker's use of the words meaning is quite creative and one of the better of the series.

Come to Boston as we track through the trysts of trusts as Spenser, Hawk and Susan piece together a who done it, who did it and who's doing what to whom.

Will Spenser live on now that Parker passed? Perhaps there's hope as the Parker estate granted Michael Brandman permission to continue another character by Parker called, Jesse Stone.

We can only trust they find someone to preserve his legacy and keep scribbling the great tale of Spenser!

***This just in - - a member of my research team, that would be me, discovered that Ace Atkins will also continue the Spenser series as granted by Parkers estate. 

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