Sunday, October 30, 2011


Confession? No, not me. But I did read John Grisham's last novel, The Confession.  Now I do must admit, this book has been out for a while and I've left it on my shelf. A story about a potential innocent man's stay on death row with the clock ticking. 

Speaking of ticking, time is ticking away on 2011 and I'm confessing to my weak pace of reading. Thirty-nine books have been read this year as opposed to a total of 101 last year. But, this year was about quality and not quantity and I've read some great books this year, with many more to go as we start the holiday season.

Grisham's facebook page recently had a contest, asking which is your favorite Grisham's book, mine? The Firm.  What is yours? (The Litigators was released just last week.)

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