Monday, August 15, 2011

There are things I want you to know.. ( cont. )

As I thought I had hit the snooze button Sunday morning on my alarm, I fell back asleep. Only to awaken an hour later to realize I slept through my tee time! With the weather absolutely gorgeous, I was looking forward to a day full of slices, hooks, divots and perhaps birdies. But alas, I took advantage of the morning, fell out of bed, hopped on my bicycle and went for a nice leisurely ride. Sunday morning traffic was nil, allowing for more freedom and enjoyment.

Pedaling up and down victorian Summit avenue, I was reminded of my current reading list as I passed the home of the legendary F. Scott Fitzgerald, anxious to arrive home to finish Eva Gabrielsson's book.

In "There are Things I Want You to Know" about Stieg Larsson by Eva Gabrielsson,  we quickly learn more about Stieg's Millenium Trilogy.  Eva draws many parallels between life with Stieg and places, people and events that occurred in each of the "Girl" books.

Real people and real places appear throughout the books, giving a reader much insight into Steig's life both fiction ( his writing)  and non-fiction ( his life); things he did and things he stood for and just importantly, fought for. They both lived by very modest means.

It's been personally shared with me that Sweden seemed to literally, "stop" as each of the books were released and comes highly recommended to watch the subtitled movies of each of the books. Having watched the first two, my plan is to read the last book then watch the movie. I struggle with watching movies made out of books and vice versa, but these are very close to form!

Eva being his partner for thirty-two years shared in his determination to be active in his fight against injustices, neo-Nazi, antidemocratic, extreme right wing movements.  She continues that passion in her battle for control of his literary estate.  By his side, contributing to his writing, Eva deserves as much credit to the Millenium Trilogy as Steig does. But as Swedish law governs, unmarried, childless couples aren't recognized as a union. 

It's clear to this reader that the Larsson family only cares of the economy of Stiegs success and want nothing more to further that success by controlling a fourth book that Steig had starting writing but yet finished.  The notes for the book stand protected by Swedish law and are still maintained on Stieg's laptop, adding further intrigue to a very interesting story.

Now one could argue that since Stieg never wrote a will  his estate should be rightly given to family( Father and Brother) is as Swedish law allows.  However, Eva's life with Stieg deserves consideration as many fans feel. The Larsson family even suggested she marry Stieg's father to tighten their control over the estate!   

So now, you can enjoy and learn more about the Stieg Larsson trilogy through the soft spoken, passionate words of Eva Gabrielsson.
"There Are Things I Want You to Know" about Stieg Larsson and Me

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