Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Voice has been silenced..

...well at least one of them.

With the recent announcement of Amazon ending it's affiliate program in the State of Minnesota, the ability of earning money for bloggers has been severely limited.

Good or bad, the decision does ponder a question of creativity and money making.

As the saying goes, " ...follow your passion."  One of my passions is writing. But as I would blog or write, that little dollar sign voice in my head would scream 'how should I write this post in a way that could make me money?'.

Well that voice has been silenced.  Now, some people may point out that I still hear voices in my head, perhaps that is true, however, with Amazon's decision, my motivation has been cleansed of any 'doing it for the money' virus and purifies my creativity back to my original passion, free of any thoughts of how to write to make money and do just that....write.

If the stars were to align in the great cosmos in the skies, perhaps my blog, writing skills and content would one day be noticed and someone would find it worthy of more than a few shillings and pence. 

For those that did support my blog by purchasing books through it, I thank you.  For those that continue to read and comment, I thank you even more.

So it's onward with my passion and now a bit quieter with one less voice inside my head.

Huh? What was that, did you say something?  Shh...I'm writing.

Thank you.

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