Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sharing the memory of Eva Cassidy..

07/28/2013: Update - found this great story on Eva by ABC back in 2010:

The Eva Cassidy Story on ABC Nightline

02/02/2012  - I introduce to you, the music of...

...It was about a decade ago, a great friend was visiting and like most out of town guests, an excursion to the bevy of all shopping places, the Mall of America is on the list.

Taking in all the shops and shoppers, eateries and kiosks, we find our way to a music store.  Sifting through the CD section, yes CD's remember them? I hear my friend say, "Mike, ever heard of her, I think you'd like her."  I respond with either a verbal no or some form of body language that pronounces my answer. 

A decade will do a lot to ones memory as many other things will too. I can't recall if my friend purchased the CD for me or not, the mere suggestion was a gift in itself.  Sometime later, a day, a week, month or maybe years, I began listening to the music.  On occasion,  I'd spot another CD and even a book about the artist and add it to my collection.

Last night (2/1), as I tore the  January page off the calendar, a month that was filled with Stuart Woods' investigative character Stone Barrington, I grabbed Kathy Reich's next forensic thriller off my shelf. Sat down in a comfortable reading chair and began my journey to Montreal. But I became restless. So I hopped up, looked on my music shelf and thought, hmmmm, maybe I'll read a music bio this month too...

And there it was, Songbird, Eva Cassidy; Her Story by Those Who Knew Her.  Turning through the pages to understand a bit more about the grace of this woman, some I already knew, I  was suddenly overcome with chilling irony or perhaps a serendipitous moment?

The beautiful Eva Cassidy and I have the same birthday. Her being born one year earlier. What day is it that her and I share...Today, February 2nd.  Happy Birthday Eva!

Years pass, friends come and go. Some memories fade and some of us die too young, such is the case of Eva, having died of melanoma at the age of 33 in 1996.  Eva's music transcends itself and her heavenly voice keeps her in our presence.

So I give you the gift my friend presented to me so many years ago. A gift named Eva Cassidy.

"...She did alot of covers, yet it was like hearing a song for the first time." - Mick Fleetwood


Somewhere Over the Rainbow:

What a Wonderful World:

One of several CDs below and yes, for those of the digital ilk, her music is available on itunes as well.

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