Monday, January 2, 2012


It was a cold December Friday afternoon as I boarded a plane for a southern destination. The wheels touched down and I deplaned only to find I was still in cold weather. Did I actually leave? Was it deja vu that here I was in Memphis and the weather wasn't much warmer than in Minnesota. Perhaps the familiarity feeling stemmed from my trip here in May and the reason for coming here again, to see Bob Seger in concert. I seen him in May in Minnesota too.

Or maybe it's because while flying the friendly skies, I was reading Kathy Reich's first Dr. Temperance Brennan novel called, Deja Dead.  Based in Montreal, Temperance,  a forensic anthropolist sifts through recent murders and wonders are they linked. With the many French references in this book, I wished I'd advanced further through my Rosetta Stone French Level 1 course prior to reading it. But Reich's style of writing helps the reader understand anything spoken in french and takes you on a tour of Montreal hunting down a killer.

Brennan could be compared to Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta character as they pursue similar fields, but make no Bones about it, Brennan will give Scarpetta a run for her money. If you're a Scarpetta fan, you'll love Brennan!

Reich's novels are the basis for the TV show, Bones.  With fourteen Brennan novels released, 2012 should be a forensic filled reading journey.

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